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Make Lessons

Turn any YouTube video into an interactive lesson in seconds.

Get actionable insights on how students learn.

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Create an Interactive Lesson in 4 simple steps

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Choose your video!

Paste the link of the YouTube Video you want to make interactive on our editor

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Make it Interactive!

Add interactions at desired times using the question editor


Share it!

Publish and share the interactive video (called plio) link with your students.

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Analyse it!

Receive detailed analytics on how your students engaged with your plios

Made for the developing world

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At Plio, we believe that education is a fundamental right. Our platform is built to enable equity.

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Plio does not require any app downloads. Experiencing a plio requires a simple click of the link.

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Built to stand intermittent networks. We save the progress of each viewer and resume them from where they left off.

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Built-in support for local languages

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Create Interactive Lessons as a Team

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With Plio’s enterprise account, get access to additional features and enable your creators to work together as a team. Find out more here.

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Leverage the power of Open Source

Our entire tech stack is open source. We believe in enhancing the technological capacity of the education world!

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