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A team of Plioneers

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Aman Dalmia


Builder. Chief Notion Officer. Nature lover. Lifelong learner.

Easily hypnotized by music.

Passionate about social impact

Deepansh Mathur


Builder. Artist. Student. Gamer. Cat Parent.

Life long learner. Guitarist.

Karn Nahata


Rogue Chartered Accountant. Sports Enthusiast. Gamer.

Life long learner. Wanderer.

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Our star interns

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Gurleen Kaur

Product Engineer Fellow

Manya Kalra

Product Engineer Fellow

Priyansha Jha

Product Design Fellow

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Saloni Choudhary

Product Engineer Fellow

Our Mentors

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Akshay Saxena

Pritam Sukumar

Co-Founder, Avanti Fellows

VP-Tech, Avanti Fellows

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